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This section contains all the latest news about CEP, along with important dates. The CEP is active and present wherever the topic of "hydrogen as a fuel" is or should be relevant – by making expert contributions and providing direct, local support for events. You will also find comprehensive news and events that may be of interest to you.

Düsseldorf 20.11.2014

Hydrogen filling stations for North Rhine-Westphalia: The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) to unveil six new sites by the end of 2015


The hydrogen infrastructure in NRW is undergoing significant expansion. By the end of 2015, there will be new service stations where fuel cell vehicles will be able to refuel with compressed hydrogen (at 700 bar) in Aachen, Düsseldorf, at Cologne/Bonn Airport, the Cologne-West motorway junction, in Münster and in Wuppertal. At the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network NRW annual meeting, Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann, Managing Director of EnergieAgentur.NRW, Patrick Schnell, Chairman of the CEP, and Dr Klaus Bonhoff, Managing Director of NOW (National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology), presented a map of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia with the new stations marked on it to a delighted Climate Minister Johannes Remmel, who said: "With hydrogen as a storage medium and fuel, we can link the energy and transport sectors and make possible emissions-free mobility. I am convinced that fuel cell vehicles will make an important contribution to solving the climate and emission problems generated by traffic, while also advancing the development of renewable energies. The filling stations in NRW are a nucleus for the further expansion of the infrastructure.” For the CEP, the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure in NRW is an important milestone in its “50 filling stations” programme in Germany.        

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Picture (f.r.t.l.): Patrick Schnell (Chairman of CEP), Johannes Remmel (Climate Change Minister NRW), Dr. Klaus Bonhoff (Managing Director of NOW) and Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann (Managing Director of EnergieAgentur.NRW)


Münster 20.11.2014

Further support in expanding the H2 service station network: The CEP welcomes Westfalen Gruppe as a new partner


In pushing forward with its “50 filling stations” programme, the CEP relies on strong partners who use their competencies to expand the network of hydrogen filling stations. Münster-based Westfalen Gruppe has the necessary know-how to support the CEP in this area: "With our 260 Westfalen and Markant filling stations and our own hydrogen production facility, we are practically predestined to help advance the development of the hydrogen filling station network," CEO Wolfgang Fritsch Albert explained at this year's annual meeting of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network NRW, where Westfalen Gruppe was officially presented as a new CEP member. The new partner will start by opening a major Westfalen filling station in Münster in the near future, which will be equipped with hydrogen fuel pumps for cars and buses in 2015.  

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Picture (f.r.t.l.): Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann (Managing Director of EnergieAgentur.NRW), Dr. Klaus Bonhoff (Managing Director of NOW), Johannes Remmel (Climate Change Minister NRW), Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert (CEO of Westphalia Group) and Patrick Schnell (Chairman of CEP)


Berlin 29.09.2014

TOTAL filling station on Jafféstrasse – a cooperation with Daimler, Linde and RWE – now officially open


Berlin’s new multi-energy filling station strengthens expansion of the network for hydrogen and electric mobility.

With the official opening of a new multi-energy filling station at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, the oil company TOTAL Deutschland GmbH and its partners Daimler AG, Linde AG and RWE Effizienz GmbH have made ​​a further contribution to the expansion of the network for future-oriented mobility. The multi-energy filling station on Jafféstrasse can supply vehicles of all drive types with energy: traditional internal combustion engines as well as battery-electric vehicles and electric vehicles that generate their electricity from a fuel cell using hydrogen. The filling station also has a hydrogen pump and a fast-charge station for electric vehicles.  

The Parliamentary State Secretary at Germany’s Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Katherina Reiche, and Berlin’s Senator for Economics, Technology and Research, Cornelia Yzer, opened the filling station, which is also supported by the National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW), the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), and the SCHNELL-LADEN-BERLIN (Fast Charge Berlin) initiative of the international Schaufenster Elektromobilität (electric mobility showcase) in Berlin-Brandenburg.  

The full press release can be downloaded here (german version only): Download (PDF)


Berlin 31.08.2014

Open Days of Ministries 2014 in Berlin


Berlin, 31 august 2014 - Despite some dark clouds in the sky, numerous visitors take a look at two days (30 and 31/08/2014) behind the scenes of the Federal Government and Ministries in Berlin. At the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) was also the CEP on site and invited interested visitors to take a test drive with hydrogen-powered cars. Audi Q5 HFC, the B-Class F-CELL from Mercedes-Benz, a Honda FCX Clarity, a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell, a Ford Focus fuel cell and a Toyota FCHV-adv were present. For the visitors a great opportunity to experience the quiet and low-emission cars of the future. Of course, the visitors could also take a seat behind the wheel and received from our knowledgeable experts lots of information about our fuel cell cars. The next "Open Days Federal Government" in Berlin will take place in summer 2015 (precise dates to be announced).

More information you will find on the website (German version only): www.bundesregierung.de/Tag_der_offenen_Tuer



The Clean Energy Partnership is one of the most important international projects to test hydrogen as a fuel. It revolves around the development of technical standards – from production to swift, safe fuelling to the operation of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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