31. August 2023 | The International Conference on Desalination for the Green Hydrogen Economy (ICDH) is bringing together representatives of the green hydrogen and desalination industry for the first time.

Green hydrogen is seen as an important energy carrier of the future. However, the best prerequisites for production are usually found in countries where water resources are scarce or subject to use conflicts, so desalination of seawater offers a way out of potential resource conflicts.

The conference is located at the intersection of the two industries and will provide an excellent opportunity for sharing and networking through numerous presentations, workshops, and panel discussions. Experience outstanding keynote speakers from politics, industry, and academia from Europe as well as the MENA region. As a special highlight, Miriam Balaban, an absolute luminary of the desalination community, will open the conference.

Let’s delve into the green hydrogen economy at ICDH!
Explore how the integration of desalination and green hydrogen production can set the stage for a sustainable energy future.

Deadline for abstracts is September 8th – so don’t waste any time, free presentation slots are limited!


Topics, the conference covers include – but not exclusively:

Requirements for desalination to meet the conditions for green hydrogen production
Impact of green hydrogen production on the water-energy-food nexus
New developments in desalination and green hydrogen
Regional Sessions on Europe, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa
Policy and regulatory frameworks development and hydrogen diplomacy
Desalination and green hydrogen; the basics
Infrastructure development
Finance and economics of desalination and green hydrogen production

The conference is organized by DECHEMA – the German Association for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and EDS – the European Desalination Society.

For further information on submission of papers, exhibition and sponsorship opportunities and pricing, please see the official announcement.




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