H2 hydrogen CEP Clean Energy Partnership Fuel Cell Technology
H2 hydrogen CEP Clean Energy Partnership Fuel Cell Technology


Hydrogen mobility in Germany

Jörg Starr, Chairman of the CEP Jörg Starr, Chairman of the CEP

In 2002, we set out on our mission as visionaries and lateral thinkers. There were no vehicles, filling stations, or logistics. There was, however, a real challenge: is emissions-free mobility possible as part of a sustainable energy transition?

Our answer: yes, with hydrogen and the fuel cell!

Fortune favours the brave. Over time we became researchers, test pilots and trailblazers. Today our vision has become a reality: fuel-cell vehicles are on the road, the infrastructure is growing, and hydrogen production is up and running. We have shown that it works! We ARE moving with hydrogen.

Our core: the working groups

Nothing good happens unless someone does it. Easier said than done, when it comes to redesigning Germany’s entire system of mobility. Our motto: Just do it!

To optimally leverage resources and synergies as we work together on our shared mission, we have organised ourselves into task forces: Market Activation and Modes of Transport Strategy Group; Green Hydrogen and Logistics Working Group; Strategy Circle; and Communications Working Group. To support the establishment of an integrated H2 mobility concept in the market, these task forces will increasingly concentrate on technology, product, business and market development.

Specific questions that the partners are dealing with include: How can the use of fuel cell vehicles be accelerated, for example in fleets? How can we achieve greater visibility for the technology? What measures are needed to make it easier for customers to buy vehicles? There is still a lot of work to be done…

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