H2 hydrogen CEP Clean Energy Partnership Fuel Cell Technology
H2 hydrogen CEP Clean Energy Partnership Fuel Cell Technology


Hydrogen mobility in Germany

Jörg Starr, Chairman of the CEP Jörg Starr, Chairman of the CEP

In 2002, we set out on our mission as visionaries and lateral thinkers. There were no vehicles, filling stations, or logistics. There was, however, a real challenge: is emissions-free mobility possible as part of a sustainable energy transition?

Our answer: yes, with hydrogen and the fuel cell!

Fortune favours the brave. Over time we became researchers, test pilots and trailblazers. Today our vision has become a reality: fuel-cell vehicles are on the road, the infrastructure is growing, and hydrogen production is up and running. We have shown that it works! We ARE moving with hydrogen.

What is the CEP?

Big changes are best tackled as a team. Which is why the CEP works across sectors as an alliance of industrial companies.

With technology, oil, and energy companies, gas producers and the major car manufacturers, our team has a solid base.

Currently, 15 CEP partners are working on the market establishment of mobility with hydrogen and fuel cells in the interests of a sustainable energy transition: Air Liquide, Audi, BMW, Daimler, EWE, GP Joule, H2 Mobility, Honda, Hyundai, Linde, OMV, Shell, Total, Toyota and the Westfalen Group.

And since we don’t just like to go places with cars and buses, we’re always happy about reinforcements ourselves – new modes of H2 transport and bold, green ideas!

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