Mobility CEP Clean Energy Partnership Fuel Cell Technology
CEP Mobility CEP Clean Energy Partnership Fuel Cell Technology



Modern mobility lays the world at our feet and we want to continue to explore it.  We want to keep moving – we want more of the same, but green and smart. We have passion in our hearts, and hydrogen in our tanks.

As we see it, the transformation of transportation is not a question of tomorrow; it’s a task for today! We therefore take a more active path: we take on the challenge, ask ourselves the inconvenient questions and find the solutions, together. We are doers. We MAKE things move with hydrogen.


The future is now! Hydrogen can move things, whether with the support of the wind, the sun, or biomass. We’ve proven that. Several serial-production vehicles are now on the road and proving their worth in a number of demonstration projects. Besides passenger cars, hydrogen and fuel cell technology is also suitable for the ‘heavy-duty’ sector – heavy vehicles that travel longer distances.

Several large cities are currently proving in an impressive manner that, when used as fuel for public transport, hydrogen is a clean response to the high levels of particulate matter, exhaust fumes and noise that often occur in metropolitan areas. In Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart, hybrid and battery-powered buses are operating with fuel cells as a range extender.

And hydrogen isn’t just ‘one for the road’. It can make a big contribution to the energy transition – on the road, on water, on rails and in the air.


The Clean Energy Partnership is one of the most important international projects to test hydrogen as a fuel. It revolves around the development of technical standards – from production to swift, safe fuelling to the operation of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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