NEWS AROUND THE CEP Clean Energy Partnership Hydrogen-News
NEWS AROUND THE CEP Clean Energy Partnership Hydrogen-News

CEP news: Hydrogen – Join the Movement!

This section contains all the latest news about CEP, along with important dates. The CEP is active and present wherever the topic of "hydrogen as a fuel" is or should be relevant – by making expert contributions and providing direct, local support for events. You will also find comprehensive news and events that may be of interest to you.


Energy Observer makes a stopover in Hamburg

Energy Observer, the first hydrogen vessel around the world with no greenhouse gas emissions or fine particles, will leave the Port of Amsterdam on the 21st of April to continue its Odyssey in Northern Europe. Led by Victorien Erussard, founding captain, and Jérôme Delafosse, expedition leader, the boat will make its 36th stopover from the 26th of April to the 5th of May 2019 in Hamburg, special guest of the Port which will celebrate several centuries of intense activities with the presence of all the economic actors of the region.

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Hydrogen’s a go in Bayreuth and Berg bei Hof

Drivers of fuel-cell electric cars can refuel at more and more filling stations: H2 MOBILITY Deutschland and its shareholders Shell and Air Liquide have jointly opened the first hydrogen (H2) filling stations in Bayreuth and Berg bei Hof. The hydrogen supply network in Germany is becoming increasingly tight knit.

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The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) welcomes a new partner: The industrial initiative is now supported by GP Joule. The succession was officially unveiled at the New Energy Days in Husum; the Clean Energy Partnership was represented at the H2.0 Conference in this context. CEP Chairman Thomas Bystry took part in a panel discussion, and the partnership presented various fuel-cell vehicles on the Husum exhibition grounds.

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The Clean Energy Partnership is one of the most important international projects to test hydrogen as a fuel. It revolves around the development of technical standards – from production to swift, safe fuelling to the operation of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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