Green mobility with hydrogen and fuel cells. Secure supply. Environmentally compatible. This is what we are advocating for. What’s so special thing about this strong industry partnership and registered association: it unites technology, petroleum and energy companies, gas producers and car manufacturers, all working together across sectors. United in their goal, innovative, and forward-looking.

We find solutions, we define norms and set standards. We are movers and go-getters, act as a think tank and pave the way for others. We communicate technology and advise policymakers. We have good arguments. We are on our way. We are unstoppable. Hydrogen is unstoppable.

Our solution for a successful energy and transport transition? Hydrogen, naturally!


Our heart beats for H2 mobility. Our strength? Our team with its wealth of know-how and experience. Together, we work on our focus topic: efficient standardisation solutions for optimal H2 refuelling – across all modes of transport, of course.

We took a very close look, tested vehicle data, system efficiency, and the interaction of all components. Thanks to our collective experience and plenty of research and development, we contributed significantly to defining the globally valid standard for 700 bar refuelling, SAE TIR J-2601. This means that passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to a tank size of 10 kg can now be refuelled in the context of a generally recognised standard. A big step. But we want more.

We believe strongly in our cause and still have a lot of plans. Because we know about the great potential of hydrogen and fuel cells for mobility. Whether cars, buses, trucks, trains, or other modes of transport, we’re working on the technology to refuel them – on both the vehicle and dispenser side.

Our goal is the big picture, from well to wheel. We want to make the entire impact chain more efficient and cost-effective. Starting with energy generation, to the vehicle and the filling station, through to logistics.

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We have something to say. Our experience shows: Hydrogen is our chance for a successful energy and transport transition. Good to know, isn’t it?! And that’s exactly why we communicate. To inform, to persuade, and to inspire.

Hydrogen is a response to our collective desire for responsible mobility and a carbon-neutral lifestyle. We make the transformation of mobility visible and provide information about the latest state of technology. We have our finger on the pulse and develop new formats, informing on both digital and analogue channels. Mission started!


The technology has reached market maturity and the National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS) has been successfully adopted. Now, in close cooperation between politics and industry, it is important to create the regulatory framework conditions for a timely and environmentally compatible establishment on the market. What else is important to us? To enable the economically viable and reliable production of green hydrogen. Hydrogen is part of the solution. We must leverage this potential, together! Learn more.

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