The CEP has lived and worked by this maxim since its establishment, based on a strong belief and certainty that we can only master the great challenges of our time as a strong team.

For this reason, and in the spirit of a successful transition in the transport sector, we would like to share our findings and results from the CEP working groups and point you to important industry-relevant sources. Shared knowledge is doubled knowledge. And knowledge put into action enables growth, progress and the future. And away we go!

This is the CEP. This is Us.

We are focused on mobility powered by hydrogen and fuel cells. Put differently, our motivation is our collective future. That is what we are working on: we want to be mobile and travel freely around the world while also protecting it. Because we know there is a way to do both. What do we need to take that path? Green mobility with fuel-cell vehicles, an integrative H2 economy, a technology-agnostic and goal-oriented debate. And partners, contemporaries, and supporters who are just as determined as we are to follow this path. That’s us. Let’s talk!

General information

You feel there’s something missing here?

By publishing this site, the CEP is responding to the wish to create a knowledge platform for sharing the valuable knowledge and expertise from our working groups. In the spirit of our shared mission. The H2 world is turning fast, its protagonists work innovatively. In the spirit of our shared mission, we greatly value an active exchange of thoughts. Suggestions, input and ideas are therefore always welcome.