About us


The Clean Energy Partnership is a strong industry partnership in pursuit of a goal: to establish green mobility with hydrogen and fuel cells. That in itself is already grandiose. But the best thing is that it unites technology, petroleum and energy companies, gas producers, car manufacturers and suppliers work together across industries and sectors to set standards across all modes of transport.

We have been a registered association since the beginning of 2024, which strengthens our mission and makes our collaboration even more intensive. Our identity? We started out as pioneers, we are setting standards as trailblazers, and at heart we will always remain visionaries, designers, and changemakers. Our solution for a successful energy and transport transition? Hydrogen, naturally!


30 years FROM NOW…

… we will have achieved the climate targets and are still mobile. Everyone has access to reliable and environmentally compatible mobility, and the whole world is open to everyone. We will have achieved a major transformation and Germany as a business location will have emerged stronger from the transport turnaround.

That would be great?! Yes, we think so too. Because that’s what keeps us motivated. In 2002, big numbers and tasks were floated: an 80 to 95% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2050 (compared to 1990). Challenge accepted!

The transport sector is responsible for nearly 30% of total CO2 emissions, and a good 70% of these are generated by road traffic. With this in mind, we just went for it. And as a strong team we have shown that it works: fill-ups in just a few minutes, high ranges, no CO2 emissions, and no noise.

Now we are taking it to the next level, devoting ourselves to new modes of transport and incorporating aspects such as energy, storage technologies and logistics to an even greater extent. We share our experience and our knowledge. We help shape the framework conditions and advise industry, users, and politicians. We pinpoint the current challenges and talk about the great potential of hydrogen. We see the big picture.


All CEP partners are united by a shared vision and the knowledge that far-reaching changes can only be mastered as a team. To achieve our common goal, we work together as a community of experts. Our cooperation takes place in working groups, where we handle questions of interoperability, standards and apportionments as well as meaningful communication – towards industry, users and politics.

We’ve achieved a lot. We still have a long way to go. We want to continue developing the technology for new modes of transport and new sectors. That is why we want to keep growing, and are happy about new partners who enrich our team!

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