Our goal is green mobility with hydrogen and fuel cells for everyone. Because we know that hydrogen is part of the answer to the big questions of our time. We see the great potential of the technology and its fields of application – on the road, rail, or water. For all these options, we develop efficient solutions for optimal H2 refuelling – across all modes of transport, of course.


In terms of safety, fuel-cell vehicles meet the same requirements as their conventional counterparts – because safety is not a question of the type of drive. Vehicles, tanks and all components are tested in various crash tests and test series by the TÜV. In addition, the H2 vehicles comply with all relevant national and international standards such as EN, ISO and IEC.

Transport, storage and refuelling are also optimally designed in terms of safety. An important aspect here is the globally recognised standard for the interface between the filling station and the vehicle, which defines, among other things, the design of the nozzle and fuelling coupling.

Safety first: for us, this is a matter of course and goes without saying in the best sense of the phrase.