A lot is at stake in the energy and transport transition, a truly great deal. This is about everything. About our future. Our area of expertise is clearly hydrogen mobility. But we always consider the interconnections between all sectors and the optimisation of the entire chain of effects. We see the progress and name the challenges. Consequently, we value the exchange with the industry and politics.

That is why CEP has practiced close networking with other experts in the H2 world since its establishment. We have a network of cooperation partners, contemporaries, and supporters that has grown over the years. In our network we identify and use synergies. We support each other, we walk the path together. Because we know: Together we can manage the transition!

Example One NOW The National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology coordinates funding programmes for sustainable mobility based on renewable energies. NOW and CEP share a long history, during which we were a beacon project of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme (NIP I) LEARN MORE Example Three WATT_2.0 Entrepreneurial spirit and a firm belief in the energy transition characterise the renewable energy industry association watt_2.0 e.V. What motivates our friends from the far north? They want to demonstrate the potential and importance of renewable energies and to actively shape the energy transition in Schleswig-Holstein and nationwide. In this way, the network around watt_2.0 also acts as a driving force in the field of storage technology. LEARN MORE Example One DWV The German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association advocates the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and its production from renewable energies. Together we are committed to increasing the visibility of the systemic relevance of H2 technologies and shaping the appropriate regulatory framework for a timely market ramp-up of a hydrogen economy. LEARN MORE


… and come on in! The CEP is a very vibrant construct, especially thanks to the lively exchange with its network. We value the dialogue with our cooperation partners, contemporaries, and supporters. As partners, we are close to the issues and practised in recognising and leveraging synergies. We are all about the cause, about our goal.

Our goal is our mission. We always act as a team, find solutions together and openly discuss the latest challenges. Whether fuelling issues, standards, and apportionments or communication with policymakers – our fields of activity are diverse and exciting. That is why we are always happy to welcome new members to our network.

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